Electronic Health Records

Does your EHR work for you?

Direct connection to Ibeza rules

Certified EHR technology ready for meaningful use attestations and integrated connection to our Ibeza rules engine.

  • Computerized alerts and reminders for providers and patients
  • Clinical guidelines
  • Condition-specific order sets
  • Focused patient data reports and summaries
  • Documentation templates

Ehr Integrated with Ibeza Rules Engine


Complete and Sign Documents Directly on Your Tablet or PC

The documents manager and eForms are great for applications that do not require signatures from patients. Doctors have the benefit of time and dated Digital Signatures but patients do not. Our Digital Forms are the perfect solution: Upload your practice’s current consent forms, HIPPA forms, questionnaires, and all other office forms, then you can complete and sign them directly on your tablet or PC.

Upload Your Template

Keep your current office forms and simply upload them directly to the cloud using our forms manager. Set friendly names for each form to ensure easy use during a patient encounter.

Upload Your Template

Complete and Sign Medical Forms

During an encounter simply assign any of the uploaded digital forms to the patient, then you can complete and sign them directly from your tablet or PC. Many practices use this feature when they need patients to sign HIPPA forms, questionnaires, or consents. It can also be used to take quick notes such as nursing notes, doctor notes or procedure notes.

Complete and Sign Medical Forms

View Anytime and Anywhere

Access these digital forms anywhere from almost any device.

Access these digital forms

Three Steps to Upload, View and Shred

Document Manager takes care of the very first step towards becoming a paperless office. Generate a quick return-on-investment (ROI) by uploading paper charts directly to the cloud, eliminating the need for storage rooms and cabinets. Our EHR makes it easy to navigate your scanned documents. We know that time is money – and searching for paper takes too much time! Make these scanned documents available to all selected staff members anytime, anywhere.

Scan directly to the cloud

Scan directly to the cloud

  • Scan all your documents to the cloud
  • Easily navigate scanned patients records
  • Batch-scan documents and save more time
  • Items are uploaded to their assigned folders
  • Our upload manager scans directly to the cloud
Access these digital forms

View from anywhere at any time

  • Manage record copies
  • Easily fax uploaded documents
  • View documents from almost any device
  • Manage chart access permissions
Shred messy paperwork

Shred messy paperwork

  • Free up storage space
  • Eliminate filing cabinets
  • Save time and money searching for charts
  • Shred documents for complete peace of mind