Who we are

Ibeza, LLC. Is an Information Technology Solutions company that designs, implements, and manages healthcare IT solutions for the private and government medical industry.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida since its establishment in 2006, Ibeza has grown in its ability to perform the many functions of an IT solutions company. The company focuses on simplifying healthcare by developing innovative uses of technologies to change the way the industry approaches medical errors, fraud and medical malpractice prevention.

Ibeza’s products are based on the vast experience of its physicians and founders in the clinical, medical informatics and billing cycle.

As an independent company Ibeza does not have a direct relationship with medical insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid, however it provides the service to its clients that allows them to comply with each agency. As such Ibeza’s products are designed based on its familiarity and in depth knowledge of the rules and regulations required by each agency.

Ibeza has provided IT services for The Beraja Medical Institute, one of the leading outpatient medical institutions in South Florida, and Beraja HealthCare Corp an AHCA and Medicare approved ambulatory surgery center. Since inception it has integrated electronic medical records to display the results within the medical chart as part of the physician work flow. It developed a web based electronic medical record that manages documents, images and lab data that is easily accessible to the medical provider at the point of care.


Technical Team

  • CEO
  • CMO
  • Senior Software Eng. Database Architect & Team Leader
  • Senior Software Eng. & Integration Specialist
  • Senior Web Developer
  • QA & Business Analyst
  • Graphic and Web Designer
  • Network Administrator